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Callum Williams - BigfootNZ

2 April 2023

Toziuha Night: Dracula's Revenge

Toziuha Night: Dracula’s Revenge is a new Metroidvania-style game from upcoming developer Danny Garay. Toziuha Night: Dracula’s Revenge is the first entry in the game franchise and was initially released in March 2022 for PC, recently ported to Nintendo Switch on 12 March 2023. There is some hype however for the newer title to be released in November 2023. Toziuha Night: Dracula’s Revenge is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices.


The tale is set in Transylvania, about an infamous alchemist named Vlad Tepes, also known as Dracula, who was once condemned to death for allegedly striking a deal with a Toziuha and gaining access to demonic abilities. Many years after his execution, a number of alchemists affiliated with [The Order] have been discovered impaled outside Dracula's castle. It appears that Vlad Tepes has somehow risen from the dead, seeking retribution. Driven by revenge, Xandria goes out on a ‘Suicide-mission’ to put a stop to what is happening in Transylvania and become a full-fledged Alchemist.

Playing as Xandria, you must clear the levels of Dracula’s castle set in Transylvania, clearing all areas and ultimately fighting a miniboss at the end of each level. The controls are super simplistic, with basic movement and jump bound to normal buttons and 3 separate types of attack, also bound to standard buttons. I was hoping for a bit more complexity in the controls, maybe a dash/dodge and a heavy attack or attack combos, but the game is made as simple as it can be. Not that that's a bad thing since it's Danny Garay’s first released title, you have to start somewhere right? The three attacks consist of a standard attack from Xandria’s whip, a throwable secondary weapon found and collected through the levels and Alchemy. Alchemy is a spell that transmogrifies your secondary weapon into an Area of Effect offensive attack or a Defensive attack. I found Alchemy critical for taking down the mini-bosses with ease. Unfortunately, the game is quite short and I managed to complete it within 2 hours. If you are experienced with Metroid-vania titles you could probably complete it well within 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Dracula’s Revenge is difficult. Luckily in the options, there is a setting to put it on a filthy “casual” mode. I’m not going to lie here, after trying to beat a level for over an hour, I may have been partial to activating this. Switching from normal to casual mode removes the 5-life limit per level, lowers damage output from monsters, increases your damage, lowers the spawn rate of irritating continuously spawn flying creatures in jumping sections, and adds a multi-directional attack. In casual mode, I was able to blitz through the story and found the game a pleasant breeze.


Toziuha Night: Dracula’s Revenge features a dark and gritty pixel art palette. Set around the 1400s in Vlad the Impalers era. The art and feel of the game have a huge gothic emphasis. All levels within the game are linear, initially traveling across a land strewn with impaled corpses to scaling Dracula’s castle to gain access to the tallest tower where the real threat lingers. The rain and blood effects in the final level were a highlight of this game’s visuals. Each monster you encounter is individually modeled with unique attacks. Some monsters even have a multitude of levels which are easily told apart with the help of different color schemes. Among the visual aspects, the dialogue is riddled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, maybe having a shell check would have been ideal.

Right from the get-go the audio within the game was a stand-out, with an eerie choir of what felt like monks humming in the menu it instantly gave this game a dark and troubled aura. Jumping straight into the game, the soundtrack felt period correct with simulated instruments in upbeat retro-styled music. Although the music wasn’t dynamic and didn’t change when you were encroaching upon your demise, the addition of a blood-splatter border to help visually confirm that you were going to die was a nice touch. In the games menu, you are able to adjust music, Special effects, and Voice acting volume, however, I found no voice-acting in the game, unless it was for when you were hit or hit enemies, I am unsure and didn’t fully test it out as adjusting them were tedious, you had to click the button each point you wanted to lower, you couldn’t just hold the button to lower or heighten the audio levels.


All in all, Toziuha Night: Dracula’s Revenge is a solid first entry into the gaming industry and was thoroughly enjoyable to play. The inclusion of a casual mode made me not feel so bad about dying over and over to bats that just wouldn’t stay still while trying to jump platforms. Looking at the second entry Order of the Alchemist, there seems to be an abundance of changes and a rework of how combat works. Dracula’s Revenge goes for around $ 6 USD (under $10 NZD/AUD) and for that price, you would be silly to not pick it up if you are looking for a new retro-styled Metroidvania challenge.


The Bad

- Atmospheric audios and visuals
- Challenging
- Low cost

- Short story
- Grammatical errors
- Tedious menu sliders

The Good

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