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29 April 2023

Volcano Princess

Volcano Princess is a sweet parenting-management RPG developed by Egg Hatcher Studio and published by Gamera Games. You must train your daughter into Knighthood, befriending citizens and guiding her as her father along the way. Volcano Princess is available on PC and was released on February 2nd, 2023.

You, as the player, live with your daughter in the Volcano Kingdom after the war between humans and demons. You can either stick with the characters’ names or make your own. After your wife dies, you’re set to raise your child and guide her as she grows. You have three parenting goals to choose from - A father who makes his daughter feel safe, one who makes his daughter proud, or a Father who dotes on his daughter. The choices you make throughout the game will give you a ranking on how well you did compare to the choice you make. Your daughter starts off as a toddler, and you can take her to the lake or local tavern or stay home. Depending on the tasks you choose to do at each location, you can level up her Intellect, Strength, and more. You can interact with the varying villagers and, as she grows, make friends you can add to your team to go hunting, exploring, and training. Gradually your daughter grows into her pre-teens and adulthood, and you must guide her along the way. As she gets older, your daughter will choose her allegiance between one of the three lords of the land. I chose her idol as I felt like that is who the daughter would naturally choose.


The gameplay is like a standard RPG in that you must level up your character. For example, you can level up your daughter’s Strength, Intelligence, Emotions, and Imagination by doing various tasks or playing. Playing Hide and Seek as a toddler may grant her a plus to her Mood and Imagination. When she is a pre-teen, painting by the lake will net her some imagination points. Each day you, her father, will go to work and bring in some income, which you can give to your daughter as pocket money or spend at the tavern on food. Each task or game costs Action Points and can bring her Mood down, but these can be restored once a day through eating varying foods or resting by the lake or at home. As your daughter ages, she may take on her own job to bring in some income. You can learn alchemy, farming, cooking, and working to earn stats.

​After a day of exploring and earning skills points, you must plan your week of learning. These are the classes your daughter must attend to level up her progress. As a toddler, her classes may be Exploring or learning to Control her Emotions. Each class gets a grade of Good, Excellent, or Perfect, and you can read her a story in between them, which you choose. As your daughter gets older, she may take on extra classes as she aspires to become a Knight. You can make friends, learn and grow close to the other characters or give them gifts to earn their friendship. They may even choose to join you as you go on explorations and hunting trips. Hunting in the forest initially feels impossible, as you are by yourself and up against two enemies. With just a simple wood bow and wood sword, you can easily get your butt handed to you. Still, gradually you can gain the strength and better weaponry to defeat these enemies and delve deeper into the forest, finding loot and choosing pathways that have hidden secrets or chasing those red herrings.


The controls are simple and based on point-and-click adventures. Mouse-clicking your choices and places to explore on the map. You may find little golden orbs in places, and clicking them may grant you some gold or ingredients you may find useful. The combat is quite well done, and reminiscent of the turn-based RPGs of the 90’s. You select your attack or special move and then the enemy attacks you in return. As a staunch Final Fantasy fan girl, this made my RPG-fluttering heart very happy. You must utilize a combination of weapons as enemies typically have a weakness, and finding that weak spot can be the difference between a win or failure.


The graphics are beautiful. They are a-typically very Anime/Manga style, which suits the game well. The visuals are vibrant, and the animations are adorable. The loading screens are cleverly done as you watch your daughter scamper across the loading bar. The graphics perfectly complement the overall cuteness the developers have created for the game. Before loading this game up, I had a quick run-through of the reviews, and almost everyone mentioned how CUTE this game is. Honestly, words can’t describe the sugary-sweet cuteness. And it’s the small touches, such as the image of the father and daughter lying down and playing with blocks together. Or the difference in how she paints as a toddler compared to a teenager. The change in art as your daughter grows is just right, and the varying outfits you can purchase for her are beautiful, without being revealing, as some games can sometimes lean into.


The sound design is equally sugar-sweet. The voice acting is fantastic and perfectly suits the game. The “Awwahh” sounds of wonder as your daughter learns new things when she is young, the “Hmm!” of determination as she gets older, and the sad “Aw” when disappointed or defeated in battle are spot on for the mood. The music score is like a typical fantasy RPG and suits well. The calming guitar music in your home, the curious, jaunty tune as you explore the land, and the upbeat fight music when you are in battle, are all beautiful and well done. Overall the entire package perfectly complements the art style.

Ultimately, you will love this game if you like RPGs, anime, and cute and adorable characters and storylines. Its rich and beautiful visuals, cute voice acting, and simple mechanics make this game a wonderful experience. While it did take some thought at some points to manage the Action Points and tasks I could do to make the most of my day, ultimately, it didn’t matter in the long run as I could complete most classes with good grades.


The Bad

- The visuals and voice acting
- A classic RPG experience
- The feeling of protection as a parent the game portrays

- The wonky translations at some points
- A bug that can soft lock the game if you click on letters
- 50+ Endings are a nightmare for completionists

The Good

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