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Simon Hayward - Shaven Wookie

9 June 2023

Starship Troopers Extermination

Do you have what it takes to be a citizen? Well, saddle up and join the fight against the arachnid threat in Starship Troopers Extermination. From Developers and publishers Offworld Industries also creators the top-rated Squad game. Jumps into the 23rd century with an all-out war with the bugs and grab your Morita rife because everyone fights no one quits! The last time I played an FPS Starship Troopers game that was not a mod, was back in 2005. A single-player game that pulled you into the world of Starship Troopers and now after almost 18 years I get pulled into this world again. Not only this time I get to do it with a squad. Just to note the game is in early access on Steam so the game at this moment only offers a limited amount of weapons available along with other aspects still to be implemented.


For those who are not familiar with starship troopers, the game is based on the book by Arthur Robert A. Heinlein but more influenced by the movie directed by Paul Verhoeven that was released in the 1997 movie of the same name based in the 23rd century. You and fellow soldiers from the Mobile Infantry must battle against an almost infinite onslaught of arachnid bugs of all types across a large battlefield completing several objectives that generally all lead to a defending from waves of bugs from your fortified outposts. Most missions consist of gathering raw minerals, securing strategic mining equipment, and clearing areas of bugs at the end after moving from one area to the next you must construct an outpost from wall to bunkers and electric fences to hold off waves of bugs and defend your mobile headquarters and arc from being destroyed. Even though the gameplay and missions do seem a little repetitive in their formula. I do look forward to seeing more game mode types but at the moment that is all that is available. But I do have to say the base defense is the most enjoyable part of the game. Giving me flashbacks to the outpost scene in the movie. But I think that's what the developers were going for and I can't blame them as that's what I wanted out of a starship troopers game.


The game offers three classes to choose from with a leveling system for all of them, so the more time you spend on one class the more toys you get to play with and to increase your chances against the bug threat. From the Hunter which is the assault class that gives you your trusty Morita Mk1 and trusty jump jets but can unlock the carbine version and the Hawkeye variant along with items such as the thermo charge. Then comes the Bastion which is the heavy infantry, which ability can deploy a shield that goes around them and gives that extra layer of defense all the while welding the heavy weapons such as the Morita Mk3 Saw that can hold a magazine of 150 rounds which is Perfect for holding the line. Finally the Operator class, the supporting infantry, the just as important on the battlefield as all the rest. Being able to carry twice as much raw material for when you need it and being able to unlock the C-32 Chi Hong Grenade launcher along with being able to deploy a medical UAV can also unlock an ammo fabricator on the battlefield.


As for how the game looks and sounds, well the game bugs look great, you can tell from all the different types of bugs on the battlefield, with all of them staying true to what they were depicted in the movie. As for the game's overall graphics, the game didn't seem to have any issues when you have several bugs and soldiers on the screen at once but as soon as you killed one the bodies would instantly disappear to allow for more to spawn. But also turning your graphics to high does not seem to diminish the game's performance with the high setting still maintaining the details of the environment and still performing well even with several soldiers and bugs on the screen. As for the game sounds, well the guns sound like they can punch a hole in a bug from 100 meters away, and the sound of bugs scurrying toward you makes the best soldiers quiver in their boots. Well considering the game is all multiplayer besides the tutorial, for gamers in Australia and NZ, sadly no servers are available for OCE so the best you can get is US West. The servers still play well and you will find several Aus and NZ players on those servers


Starship Troopers Extermination brings back fond memories of the 1997 movie and everything that comes with it along with a fun multiplayer experience. Even though the game is still in early access, and only offers the same type of game mode. I look forward to what the developers of Offworld Industries bring in the future for the full release. But until then, ill see you troopers on the jump!


The Bad

- Fun Gameplay
- Solid Gameplay Mechanics
- Fun Multiplayer
- Service guarantees Citizenship

- Still in early access
- One type of game mode/scenario

The Good

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