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Simon Hayward - Shaven Wookie

20 March 2023


The massive 4.3 update is here for Squad from developers Offworld Industries. Bringing many new additions to the game such as a new map, weapons, vehicles, emplacements, and features to the game that take Squad to a whole new level of gameplay and quality of life to the game fundamentals. For those who are not familiar with Squad, the game is a Mil-sim tactical FPS that stays true to authentic combat experience promoting communication, and teamwork, with realistic military gameplay and, resources that help maintain a feeling of realism in their gaming experience along with a rich devoted community.


The latest 4.3 update is a great one for players that like to play as the Militia faction and brings players a plethora of updates and changes to the game. Especially for new players and old, such as the change to the game's main menu UI and changes to the server browser. 4.3 Introduces tags for easier searching, such as language, playstyle, and map type. Update 4.3 also adds the ability to add favorite servers and a recent tab. All of them create a better quality of life and are streamlined for newer players, helping the player base overall for easier access to their favorite servers.


Many other additions also added to this latest update include the Manicouagam map which is a remake of the Manic-5 map (Note the original Manic-5 map can no longer be playable). Another change to the game is to the Militia faction, giving them a more realistic feel and look by changing the camo of existing vehicles and the role configuration of the command, support, and front-line roles. Also, the addition to the most commonly infamous mode of transport to militia is the armored Ural & technical, and the BM-21 “Grad” Rocket Artillery Truck. This bad boy can fire a volley of 122mm rockets on the target of your choosing, raining hellfire. I do have to say it is very satisfying to see this in action on both ends of the battlefield.


New emplacements and fortifications are also added such as the ZIS-3 Field gun, tank traps (hedgehog), and camo netting. All to give a more realistic feel and practical usage to a battlefield. These are definitely a great addition to the game. What would a new update be without new guns and weapon changes? With the addition of the FAL rifle grenades, RKG-3 Anti-tank Grenades, and the addition of a new reloading animation one of my favorite reloads is the Iraqi reload for the AK platforms.


To sum up, the developers, Offworld Industries have given a consistent devotion to making sure the game stays true in giving its player base the most realistic experience and the latest update 4.3 is another fine example of the developed devotion in the game. Not just by giving more content that expands the player's wheelhouse for more unique experiences but also by making changes for a better quality of life that create a better gaming experience, especially for newer players. Overall 4.3 update caters to the Militia faction giving players a more realistic and fulfilling opportunity to play a better militia faction that has a more fulfilled wheelhouse at its disposal. Developers Offworld brings another great update expanding the quality and the longevity of the game for new and old players. If you want to go over the update notes yourself, here is the link below;


The Bad

- Fun Gameplay
- Solid game mechanics
- Great new elements added
- Helping new players
- New Militia content

- Not for casual gamers

The Good

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