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Tanner Stokes - StokdTV

5 April 2023

Road to Devadatta

Road to Devadatta is a first-person, adventure game focused on problem-solving. Road to Devadatta is set to be released on the 13th of April, 2023. Brought to you by Jorge Abellan (Open & Close Studios), the developer, alongside the help of Unreal Engine and published by Comuesp, Road To Devadatta (RTD) brings you an even palette of mystery and problem-solving. Inspired by the cult of the monk Devadatta, the cousin and sworn nemesis of Buddha. Road to Devadatta will be released on PC.


From the first look, I had early 2010s, Temple Run vibes radiating from the game - except instead of picking up coins along the way, you are looking for any clue to help you escape the temple of the cult. Now, being an early release demo of the full game, you expect there to be a few kinks that need to be worked out, and RTD does have some, for instance, with no Heads up Display (HUD) and short sprint stamina, the first time you run out of breath, you feel as though your heart is about to give out as you’re not sure if you broke the game.

I found at the beginning of this game it was hard to know what you need to do, as there isn’t much in the way of a tutorial, but as you progress through, things become more clear. As you move through the game you notice that the well-placed torches around each area give a good ‘off the beaten track’ vibe, which to me improves on the sense of mystery and also highlights the fact that this isn’t a place you’d want to come across. It makes the whole ‘digging for an answer' idea more real which will have a major impact on the game.


Clues such as the one in the screenshot above are hiding around the map, and me being me (not having much brain power) I found the need for memorizing things quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, with only having the early release demo, the gameplay was cut short, but with what I was able to play I did see that this game has a lot of room for potential. The small kinks that still need to be worked out will eventually be a memory and the game will become something that is easy to remember.

For those who relish the challenge of deciphering clues, finding signs, or spotting an out-of-place statue to navigate around obstacles, this game can be a thrilling adventure akin to donning an Indiana Jones hat and grabbing a bullwhip. Certain aspects of the game require considerable mental effort and the skills of an escape room enthusiast to overcome.


With more and more games coming out year by year the graphics need to be a high priority if you want anyone to look into the game. Road to Devadatta has graphics that are on par, or even higher than most games I have played this year. The running water from the waterfalls and long grass that you walk through feels real, it makes you feel as if they're right in your own backyard. One thing I noticed with the graphics is that some areas light up when there is no reason for it. This will most likely be fixed upon the full release, which is why I felt that the graphics were so good for a game of this caliber.


One small change that I would like to see when the game is fully released is an update to the audio, at the moment all that there is in the way of audio is mainly sound effects, like the way you walk along a path or the sound of placing an object. The audio for the game needs to be a little eerier for when you are trekking your way through the temple, it needs to make you feel like these areas shouldn’t be entered and unfortunately, this is where the game mainly lacks. After all, you are trying to escape from a cultist temple. This doesn’t need to be a big change, but if certain parts of the map have different audio tracks attached you will find the whole experience of the game will be that much better. There is a whole lot of room in the game for this, and if this does change, you will find that with the storyline, graphics, and well-placed lighting, the audio will take you from thinking something is watching you to feeling like your heart will jump out of your chest.


The Bad

- Buddhist inspiration
- Challenging problem solving
- Storyline driven game
- Basic controls
- Atmosphere
- Overall graphics were great

- No HUD
- Lack of a tutorial
- Lack of stamina
- Lack of needed audio

The Good

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