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Callum Williams - BigfootNZ

12 March 2023


LEAP' offers a thrilling and fast-paced gameplay experience that puts players in the shoes of elite mercenaries. 'Leap' was released from early access into its 1.0 version on March 1st, 2023. Developed by Blue Isle Studios and published by Blue Isle Publishing, you can find 'LEAP' on PC and, current and last-gen XBOX and PlayStation. The two major factions - the 'United Earth Defense Coalition' (UEDC) and the rebel 'Exo-Terrans' are waging war for power and control. Being an elite 'LEAP' mercenary, your mission is simple: fight for the side that offers the highest payout and take on your enemies with your arsenal of powerful weapons. The game's high-octane action will have you soaring into battle, ready to take down anything and everything that stands in your way.


LEAP' features a very limited amount of game modes, which include TDM and a Domination/Control mode. Aside from multiplayer 'LEAP' also features a single player/co-operative PvE mission line in the form of special operations. These special operations pit the player against waves of AI while they have to defend areas and transport items. The player base for the game is currently small, which can make finding a game outside peak hours in the USA difficult. This can be annoying for players who want to enjoy the game's multiplayer mode and more difficult levels and settings of Special Operation. The maps in 'LEAP' are also worth noting, as they are quite large and offer plenty of opportunities for strategic play. The fast-paced gameplay is reminiscent of 'Halo Reach', providing a fun and exciting experience for fans of the genre.

The controls in 'LEAP' are intuitive and responsive. The game supports both keyboard and mouse, as well as controller inputs, so players can choose the input method that suits them best. The game features a tutorial mode that explains the basics of the game and allows players to practice before jumping into the action. The controls are also customizable, allowing players to map buttons to their liking. One potential downside to the controls is the use of the grappling hook. While it can be a useful tool for navigating the game's maps, it can be slow and unwieldy at times, which can be frustrating for players who want to move quickly. The movement in the game can be slow at times, especially when using the grappling hook. Additionally, the lack of a sprint feature can be frustrating for players who want to move quickly through the game.


Each class in 'LEAP' has its own special and ultimate abilities, which makes them all fun to play in their preferred way. Players can experiment with different classes and find the one that suits their playstyle best. Additionally, the ability to switch classes between respawns means that players can adjust their strategy on the fly, making the game even more dynamic and engaging. The four classes in 'LEAP' are Pathfinder, Tech-Ops, Titan, and Wraith. The various classes have a set collection of weapons and abilities which are all level locked. To unlock simply use that class and gain EXP, however, the limited weapons selection is frustrating. Each class has a handful of weapons, either two or three primaries, and two or three secondaries, I would have hoped to see a few more to add to the variety and complexity of gunfights.

Pathfinder - a basic assault class. It is a well-rounded class that is great for players who want to focus on dealing damage. They have an ultimate ability that calls in a drone strike and can quickly take down enemy targets, and their special ability allows them to drop a shield that team members can shoot out of. The pathfinder class primarily uses assault rifles and shotguns for those close-quarter battles.

Tech-Ops - a support class. They have an ultimate ability that calls in a player-controlled rocket-propelled drone. These drones are very similar to the predator missiles from COD entries. The special ability of the Tech-Ops allows you to deploy an automated turret. The weapons the Tech-Ops run are similar to the Pathfinder, however, the Tech-Ops secondary is a healing gun that can heal teammates, vehicles, and structures, it can also steal health from enemies, but it doesn’t have a vampiric/leech effect where you gain that health.

Wraith - the Wraith class is your run-of-the-mill recon class that is great for players who want to focus on sneaking around and taking out enemy targets. Their special ability makes them invisible for a short period, allowing them to move around undetected. While their ultimate calls in an orbital laser strike. The wraith, like many recon classes, mainly runs DMR and sniper rifles but is also paired with a highly effective secondary in the form of a Power Sword which can send a blast of energy toward your foes and even DEFLECT BULLETS.

Titan - Ye olde faithful engineer class. The titan is focused on huge firepower and damage output. Armed with an LMG and rockets, they can quickly clear an area with minimal effort. They have an ultimate ability that decreases movement but significantly increases damage output and enhances armor. If all else fails, the titans can turn themselves into the weapon, with their special ability which allows them to use their jetpack to propel and slam unsuspecting enemies.


The game offers customization options that allow players to personalize their characters with unique outfits and accessories. The in-game cosmetics are also very well designed, with a range of visually appealing options that add to the game's immersive atmosphere. The customization options allow players to create characters that are truly their own. Cosmetics are obtainable from an in-game shop called the black market which uses earned currency from completing challenges and matches, additionally, players can gain cosmetics from leveling up.

The graphics in 'LEAP' are well-designed, with detailed environments and character models that bring the game's futuristic world to life. The game's futuristic setting is conveyed through the use of sleek and polished surfaces and advanced technology. The game also features detailed particle effects that add to the sense of action and intensity during combat. The sound design in 'LEAP' is equally impressive, with realistic weapon sound effects and a futuristic/electronic soundtrack that adds to the game's intense atmosphere, However, I did find that the in-game music only lasted for a small while and then cut to nothing, if it had of faded it would have made the transition 100x smoother and less jarring. The weapon sounds are satisfying and immersive, making each shot feel impactful. The game's soundtrack is also well-composed, with a mix of electronic and orchestral elements that add to the futuristic and high-tech feeling of the game. The sound effects and music work together to create a cohesive and engaging experience for the player.


Honestly, 'LEAP' is a solid FPS game that offers plenty of unique features and enjoyable gameplay. The fun gunplay, customization options, and visually appealing cosmetics make for an engaging experience. However, the slow movement and limited weapons selection, combined with the small player base, can detract from the overall experience. If you're a fan of FPS games and are looking for something new and exciting, 'LEAP' is worth checking out.


The Bad

- Good Class System
- Awesome Abilites
- Fun Gun and Gameplay
- Cool Free Cosmetics
- Huge Tactical Maps

- Small Playerbase
- Limited Weapons
- Lacks Variety
- Slow Movement

The Good

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