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28 August 2023

Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara

"Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara" sets sail into the 3D platforming scene as a refreshing and cute game to add to your library. Play as the young and spirited Koa to help a beat-down village ransacked by a gang of pirates. Pirates have taken over the town's goods and created challenging obstacle courses and races for you to recover the stolen goods, setting the stage for adrenaline-pumping gameplay. The game unfolds with a stage-by-stage progression system. Each area has its own boss fight or an even tougher level which gives you a sense of achievement when completing. From icy landscapes to caverns, temples to rolling hills, and underwater levels, the game's diverse biomes keep players engaged and excited. Moreover, the levels introduce an array of mechanics, ranging from platform jumping challenges to underwater swimming and high-stakes races against tough NPCs.


The difficulty levels in Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara range from super chill to intense depending on your gaming style. The game offers a non-speedrun mode but beware that the challenging jumps and sequences to finish the level might become a bit too much for newcomers. They do offer checkpoints and have a 3-lives system, which if you make a mistake 3 times you get put back at your checkpoint to start again, so it is a little lenient at times. You can also seek to achieve GOLD medals on levels if you speed run and get within the time frame. I found that to be super exciting and exhilarating to try and score that on every level.


I absolutely adore the graphics of Koa and the music is super delicate to also make the game more relaxed and chill vibes. There are no voice lines or anything and it's made up of little sound effects, but you still get the gist of the dialogue and it's very easy to follow.


​The controls in "Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara" are very straightforward and easy to get used to on the controller, but the PC controls are a little wonky. HOWEVER, you can do your own keybinds so that's definitely a plus! Koa also offers a double jump mechanic which if timed well will do a fast roll that propels Koa through the levels faster to hit your timer goal. Between your basic jumps and rolls this injects a dynamic rhythm into gameplay, demanding a lot of precision and accurate timing. Another thing I noticed is that the camera perspective is very odd. It does seem to change by itself without any notice and it does make you lose track for a moment of where you are going. I feel if this was set in 1 place the game would be a lot easier and less frustrating.


"Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara" might not reinvent the wheel, but its classic 3D platformer style evokes a nostalgic charm. The game's endearing resemblance to classic platformers, coupled with its unique twist on mechanics, offers a satisfying journey for both seasoned players and those longing for a trip down memory lane


The Bad

- Easy to follow dialogue
- Good story
- Controller friendly
- Graphics and music are amazing

- Challenging levels may be off-putting to beginners
- The ocean seems very empty

The Good

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