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14 October 2023


Looking to inject some excitement into your gaming experience? Why not introduce zombies into the mix? In Humanitz, you step into the shoes of a newly awakened survivor in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. As a novice, your main goal is to fend off the zombie threat and establish a robust base to weather the storm. Throughout this review, you'll notice several parallels drawn between Humanitz and Project Zomboid, as they both belong to the same gaming genre. Developed by Yodubzz Studios, and published by Freedom Games, Humanitz is available on PC and is set to release on October 18th 2023.


In Humanitz, as a recently awakened survivor, you have the option to choose from various backgrounds to begin your journey. With the exception of the "unemployed" class, which may seem less appealing, all other classes offer a balanced gaming experience. The class you select will significantly impact your early or late-game challenges. For example, choosing the "Boxer" class empowers your fists to deal additional damage, which proves advantageous in the early game when weapons are scarce and hard to repair. As you progress, you'll discover more melee and gun weapons, benefiting characters in the "gunsmith" class who can accumulate repair supplies at a lower cost.

The gameplay is straightforward and the tutorial provides a solid understanding of the game's mechanics, particularly for an early access title. While the mechanics may lack the complexity of Project Zomboid, they are more user-friendly. Tasks such as healing are simplified in this game, eliminating the need for changing bandages and providing the option to find cures for the zombie virus. For those who found Project Zomboid's learning curve steep, Humanitz offers a similar experience without overcomplicating matters. Moreover, playing with friends enhances the game by reducing the monotony during exploration and crafting.


Adapting to the control scheme may require some adjustment, but once mastered, it does not significantly impede gameplay. WASD controls your character's movement, with the mouse determining their facing direction (although this can sometimes be frustrating when picking up items, as you must face them directly). Q and E are used to rotate the camera, and standard shooting rules apply to guns (right-click to aim down sights and left-click to fire). It's worth noting that some players may need to refer to the key bindings for certain actions, as indicated in the tutorial (e.g., opening the build menu, which is bound to "B" by default).


From a visual perspective, Humanitz rates a solid 6/10 for its assets. While the animations might resemble those of a mobile game, they are more detailed than Project Zomboid's polygon-like textures. However, the animations are only passable and may undergo changes as the game receives updates. Despite lacking isometric graphics, Humanitz still provides a more immersive experience compared to Project Zomboid, although it has room for improvement in terms of style.

Sound design in Humanitz is generally well-crafted and cohesive. One area that could use enhancement is the directionality of sound. While there is some directionality, the audio tends to feel somewhat monotonous, with sound emanating from all directions simultaneously. As a result, it can be challenging to pinpoint the location of off-screen zombies until they appear on your screen.


Humanitz stands as a robust zombie survival crafting game, poised to give Project Zomboid enthusiasts a run for their money. As the game continues to receive graphical and audio updates, it will become more appealing to a broader audience, beyond those merely seeking an alternative to Project Zomboid. In terms of gameplay, it's satisfying to battle zombies, whether through hand-to-hand combat or firearms. At its current stage, the game is available for approximately $20 USD and serves as an excellent entry into the survival crafting genre, particularly for fans of zombie-themed survival games.

Plot: 6/10
Gameplay: 7.5/10
Controls: 8/10
Graphics: 6.5/10
Audio: 6/10


The Bad

- Solid and responsive gameplay
- Offers a variety of base-building options
- Enhanced fun when playing with friends

- Limited content due to being in Early Access
- Necessitates improvements in audio and graphics
- Extensive travel time occupies a significant portion of gameplay.

The Good

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