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Justin Parker - JUDDEE

19 May 2023


Holomento is an indie perma-death action RPG by Developer Sean Weech and Publisher Deck13 and is currently available as early access.

As you step into the world of Eventide Hollow, you are immediately hit with the feeling of playing Elden Ring with a Zelda graphical style. And to be honest, from a visual perspective, it is spectacular. From glowing mountains and snowy areas to floating islands, Holomento has really hit the ground running.


You travel through the mysterious Eventide Hollow as a brave traveller, trying to make it through the day. You will be met by a few challenges in Holomento. From brain-busting puzzles to huge bosses in boss fights and dungeons full of weird and wacky enemies.

My first journey was short and sweet because I was not prepared and did not listen to a Robin Hood-style NPC with his hat down saying, “I’d be careful going that way”. I hate to say it, but he was right. I ran into two sword-wielding knights who wanted my blood - and they got it.


From the time of starting my journey to my death, it was six mins in total. It was at this point I knew Holomento was going to test me. But I was on my second journey, knowing what to expect. I avoided that path and went on my way, running into every type of enemy, from rats to rock-throwing skeletons the size of skyscrapers and even angry bees. At the current stage of Holomento, a few of the boss fight movements did feel robotic as they slid along the ground instead of moving their legs and walking. This didn’t happen with every boss, though, and the hitboxes weren’t playing much part when they were a larger opponent than me. But it is still enjoyable and has so much potential. The weapon choices in Holomento are almost endless and cover all player types. Whether you are a mage lover, shooter or combat style, you will find the weapon you seek. I personally love dual-wielding katanas as the fighting style, and the running action gives me Naruto feels. The fighting movements in Holomento are flawless. When not using a weapon, the ability to dodge enemy attacks, even spinning kicks, are all a simple click of the mouse. The unlimited sprint is also a nice touch, and really stops the game from dragging out as you make your way through this large map.


During my play through, I found that the lack of ability to jump is slightly annoying, as looking to jump over something simple like a log or rock to continue on my path is something I couldn’t do. But with the game being in early access and according to Holomento’s Twitter, jumping will be added in the next update.

The soundtrack to Holomento is a nice, peaceful piano note that changes to a more intense note when in boss fights or under attack, and it really brings out the Zelda feel of the game.

You’ll also have a chance to rebuild the town of eventide hollow from materials found around the map from timber and bricks. You even have to mine your rock which adds something to do. At the same time, you wander this quite large landscape, and as you’re on your travels, you will find locked gate after locked gate and elevators that need to be triggered from another location, which I found fantastic because once this is completed it gives the map an authentic open world feel while still being a game that follows a specific quest path.


Holomento has done well on the interaction side with NPCs. As you are on your travels, you will find a lot of people around campfires and other locations, all of which seem to say something with a speech bubble or give you some form of advice - though they do speak like banjo-kazooie - but give you plenty of information on why you are here and what is required.

All in all, I loved Holomento. The controls were smooth and easy to use. There was plenty to do and see in this beautiful cartoon landscape, and I think it will do very well in the indie scene. Well done to Sean Weech & Deck13


The Bad

- Impressive landscape
- Wide choice of weapons
- Incredible fighting controls

- No jumping
- Boss fights feel robotic

The Good

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