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Simon Hayward - Shaven Wookie

28 March 2023

Drop: System Breach

Drop: System Breach is a rogue-like hacking simulator that takes, you, the player into a fractured world of hacker enclaves, megacorporations, and a future filled with either fame or death. All is up to you. From Developers Etherfield Studio and Publishers MicroProse. Drop: System Breach takes players on a journey with a heavy narrative story that keeps you engaged all the while keeping you stimulated with complex and compelling gameplay as you learn to navigate the world of hacking in the future. Being thrown in straight away, the world of the future is disconnected and you start off learning the basics before the game unfolds more advanced hacking techniques and more of the story is unraveled.


As the game's story goes, the future holds a hacker's wild west of sorts that is ripe for the taking. The meticulously crafted narrative is carefully created to compel the player to keep digging deeper into the game, paired with game mechanics that would fit ideally in the world created. Upgrading your CPU or processing power, for example, is an obvious thing that would be needed to give you that extra edge in hacking that next digital fortress, as timing and speed is an important aspect of the game. With limited time to explore networks, steal data and defend against attacks by maintaining your firewall before it's too late. The intensity of breaching systems can be daunting at the start but when you get into the swing of things, like maintaining your firewall and making sure you keep upgrading your gear, you too can be a formidable hacker.

Another aspect is the types of hacking you will be doing, from stealing data or even deleting data, but that is just the basics. The more you progress the more intense each hack can be. Making tactical and, snap decisions will be important. As stated before this is a roguelike game and with some hacks, you will have to make sacrifices as all types of jobs also reflect the several factions you can work for such as the Rogue collective. But is the money worth the fame, or, is the fame worth the money? That is something for you to decide.


The game offers you the choice to either use a keyboard or controller but I found either one just as comfortable. With the intensity of the game especially when you need to quickly navigate systems, you're better off using the one you are most comfortable with.


​No one system you have to breach will be the same. Featuring a captivating sci-fi atmosphere with neon visuals that deliver the futuristic vibe we all anticipate, this game stands out for its unique gameplay. Despite its immersive setting, the game maintains a simple and user-friendly approach in its navigation setup, enhancing its overall palatability and enjoyability. I love challenging myself with puzzles and situations, which is why I enjoy games that include unique mini-games.


Drop is like how I always wanted to just play a game with just those mini-games expanded. That is not to diminish the game itself by saying it is like a minigame. It is quite the opposite. Drop holds its own with its compelling narrative and gameplay that keeps players on their toes. When you think one moment that's all the game offers a new hacking process opens up and throws you a curve ball that really challenges you. Drop is the opposite of mind-numbing that most gamers are used to. If your looking for challenging gameplay Drop: System Breach may just be the game for you


The Bad

- Challenging mechanics
- Perfect for thinkers
- Interesting narrative and theme
- Very 'niche' game

- Not for casual gamers
- Very niche game

The Good

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