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Simon Hayward - Shaven Wookie

5 April 2023

Deceive Inc.

Learn the tricks of the trade in Decieve Inc. As you become a part of an international espionage market using state-of-the-art gadgets, weapons, and tactics as you outsmart, outshoot, and out-disguise your opponents. From Developers Sweet Bandits Studios and Publishers Tripwire Presents, comes a PVP/Co-op FPS action shooter that relies on stealth and cunning. You can go in solo or up to a team of three players. With a variety of gadgets and abilities at your disposal, you must infiltrate, obtain and exfiltrate. Decieve Inc. is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, it was released on March 21st, 2023.


Not to worry about going in blind as the game gives an informative training introduction on how to get started and a few agents at the start to get you going. My tip is to equip the turret to give you that extra edge when you get into shootouts with enemy agents. As for the game setup, the premise is fairly simple. Each agent must infiltrate the area to gain buffs intel and reach the three terminals that unlock the vault that contains the suitcase to extract as your main goal. The great thing is you can approach it any way you want. Sometimes I would play it cool and stealthy by letting the enemy do all the work and jump them at the end or unlock the vault like a Commando, guns blazing, and gain the glory. Either way, using a variety of disguises is the name of the game.


Spotting enemy agents may be a bit tricky at times, the number of NPCs killed by mistake may have been a bit high but that is a double-edged sword as the number of times I’ve gotten away from enemy agents playing it cool helped me more than once. The developers have made the NPCs act and feel sometimes like how a player would act giving me that extra element all that more entertaining.

​As for the game's core features and encouraging replayability, there are drops for cosmetics and points. Gaining more points helps unlock more agents from the stock three you start. I do have to note the overall amount of agents that can be unlocked seems a little small but look forward to hopefully having more added in the future. But at the moment they do still have a fair few agents that may fit your play style, it won’t take long to unlock an agent that does. Only after a few games can you unlock several new agents to try out and progressively playing those agents again and again helps unlock more gadgets. Like a bulletproof umbrella, turret, or inflatable mats that can be used to block entrances or a vertical escape. Also to mention each agent gets special abilities with a passive ability and an active ability that helps give the upper hand.


As a huge fan of Evil Genius, I find that the same cartoony feel and look work extremely well in the world of Deceive Inc. The game's art style and gadgets contribute to the energetic gameplay, making it all the more enjoyable. The main menu's music has a funky 60s and 70s vibe, which adds to the overall theme of the game. In the game's open world, the background music creates the feeling of being a spy in a well-crafted world. Nice touches, like the silencer and crossbow being naturally silent, give an advantage over other weapons that may be more powerful but give away your position to enemy agents. The voice acting is minimal, with only a few voices for each character and NPC.


Overall, Deceive Inc. gameplay had me coming back for more whether it be going in solo or playing with friends. I enjoyed the art style, gameplay, and replayability. As the game does not take itself too seriously and retains a fun and unique style. I look forward to seeing what the game has to offer in the future.


The Bad

- Fun Mechanics
- Every playthrough makes me want to jump back in
- Gives me that super spy/evil genius vibe

- Lack of Agents

The Good

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