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Aaron - MrIrelandish

28 August 2023

Dave the Diver

​Have you ever wanted to run your own sushi bar? How about catching fish to serve at said sushi bar? Developer and Publisher Mintrocket has you covered with Dave the Diver, an adventure, strategy, and simulation game that was released on June 28, 2023.


Dave gets a phone call while relaxing on a beach, telling him to come to his location quickly for some sushi. Dave, thinking it's going to be all about eating sushi, goes to the location and is then told he will need to dive for the fish and help out at the sushi bar. Become Dave as he explores the oceans and becomes a booming sushi business.

Dave the Diver opens with an engaging prologue aboard a boat where you meet Cobra, the caller who kick-starts your underwater adventure. Dave, initially expecting a simple sushi outing, finds himself tasked with catching fish and managing a sushi bar. Your journey begins with basic diving gear, including a melee weapon, a harpoon gun, an oxygen tank, and a wetsuit determining your diving depth. All the equipment can be upgraded which allows you to increase the stats of these items.


Fish come in various sizes and temperaments, requiring strategic approaches. Catching fish is elegantly simple – aim your harpoon gun, and reel in your catch. The ocean depths also hold treasures in the form of crates and pots, housing weapon upgrades, and cooking ingredients. Oxygen crates help maintain your dive duration.

Interacting with intriguing characters grants missions that propel your underwater exploration, offering varied experiences on each dive. After mastering the diving tutorial, you shift to the sushi bar owned by Bancho, aiming to earn $100 for repairs post-earthquake damage. The fish you capture fuel Bancho's sushi creations, balancing portion sizes to prevent waste and boost satiety and profits.

Throughout business hours, you deftly serve customers drinks and sushi until the rush subsides. As you progress, staff hiring enables expanded service capacity, freeing your evenings for leisurely nighttime dives.


Dave the Diver boasts a visually captivating blend of art styles. The fusion of 2D pixel art with hand-painted 3D backgrounds creates a unique and immersive aesthetic. The meticulously designed fish and characters are brought to life through charming pixel art, adding a delightful touch to the game's overall atmosphere. The contrast between the pixel art and the intricate 3D backdrops offers a harmonious balance that draws players into the captivating world of underwater exploration and sushi serving.

Immerse yourself in the world of Dave the Diver through its thoughtfully crafted audio experience. During the sushi-serving segments, modern-styled traditional Japanese music graces your ears, enhancing the authenticity of the sushi bar ambiance. As you venture into the depths of the ocean, a soothing soundtrack accompanies your exploration, evoking a sense of wonder and mystery in this enchanting underwater realm. The synergy between the tranquil melodies and the immersive sound effects seamlessly intertwines with the gameplay, creating an auditory tapestry that truly enriches the gaming experience.


In conclusion, Dave the Diver is a remarkable gaming escapade that promises hours of captivating engagement. With its captivating amalgamation of pixel art characters against hand-painted 3D backdrops, the visuals are a delightful feast for the eyes. Mintrocket's creation beckons players to lose themselves in its immersive world, and as the final dish is served, one can't help but eagerly anticipate the studio's next culinary adventure or gaming endeavor.


The Bad

​- Immersive soundtrack
- You can get lost in the game
- Captivating art
- Abundance of fish to collect

- You can get lost in the game

The Good

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