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Justin Parker - JUDDEE

9 June 2023

Arc Runner

Arcrunner is a single-player or online co-op action roguelike game by Developer Trickjump Games LTD and Publisher PQube. As you step into this fast-paced cyberpunk-style world with a population of 10 million with a mix of augmented humans, Artificial Intelligence, and robots, you will be re-atomized aboard the Arc, a titan-class space station. Your job while on the Arc is to defeat a meta virus that has taken control of the AI controlling the Arc. Seems simple, right? Wrong! You'll find yourself traversing the Arc and avoiding all the entities trying to kill you, hoping you can reset the AI using a quantum backup drive.


To take on this mission, you'll have the choice of three classes. Soldier class is an all-around combat class that excels in ranged combat. The Ninja class is a fast, agile class that specializes in stealth and katana kills. The third is the Hacker class, a subdivision & infiltration specialist. Still, sadly you will have to wait to build up enough eden (or XP) to unlock the hacker class. I chose Ninja with the long stealth cloak, which allows you to break enemy targeting and renders you invisible for short periods. Plus, you also get a katana. How could I say no to a katana?

As I started the easy-to-learn tutorial, I fell in love with this game. With seven randomly generated levels from higher class areas to arenas and cyberpunk-style slums. Each flows so well with Arcrunners' smooth cartoon-style graphics, so much so the colors pop. From Chinese signs to neon lights, they all look incredible.


Arcrunner had me clenching my teeth at times, as enemies pushed me to my limits, attacking me from every angle. Sadly, I did find Arcrunner lacking in the story, as you aren't told much other than why you are on the Arc. But I didn't let this ruin it for me. So there I was, back to fighting my way through the Arc. Enemies consist of standing opponents and flying ones, which are challenging with a sword as you swing it around, trying your luck to hit something. Luckily, I was equipped with a gun to help, but it was only a single-shot pistol. But you can also pick up guns dropped by enemies and upgrade and unlock more weapons as you progress. Guns shoot a laser-type bullet that looks cool as you see the tracer go across the map to hit the enemies hiding in the corner.


During my play of Arcrunner, I did find that when you die and re-atomize yourself and start again, you will find yourself versing weak opponents and working your way up to more and more enemies and boss fights which felt annoying as you get stronger, you only want to deal with enemies that challenge you. That being said, Arcrunner controls play so well that it will have you throwing multi-kills, jumping, and launching rockets all in one short movement. During your play, you will turn around, dodge, and run so much that you get lost in the darker-style maps and forget where you are. Luckily, it is a level-by-level game, so you only have one way in and one way out unless you are doing a side challenge which may change. For example, stay in a zone and kill enemies for thirty seconds or get five multi-kills in this small area. Winning this will give you a loot box with the choice of three items. This is the only place I could find health, which ground my gears as I made my way through the Arc.


Finally, you get to the sounds of Arcrunner. Honestly, it's like most enemy-fighting space games. You'll have obnoxious sounds of lasers and shields and robotic voices going off every ten seconds. Still, it adds to that feeling of being targeted a lot, especially in a boss-fight scenario.

Overall I would recommend giving Arcrunner a go, and with the online mode, being able to play with mates is an enjoyable aspect as you test each other on who will need to be revived first.


The Bad

- Incredible visuals
- Plenty of weapons and mods
- Online mode

- Lack of health around levels
- Easy to get lost
- Slow rounds at the beginning

The Good

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